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Evolving the way you support your customers


The Medical Devices world is changing. Increased competition as well as pricing pressures via Public Hospital tenders and government reforms, means that companies need to start looking at alternative ways of servicing their customers.

  • How often do you need to take people off their territory to cover cases elsewhere?

  • How much are you spending sending people interstate for case coverage?

  • Why do you have your best salespeople standing in theatre for hours supporting cases when they should be out driving more business?

This thinking led to the creation of Evolution Clinical, a unique agency providing casual and contract case support for Medical Devices companies.

We are not a sales agency!

We represent multiple corporations solely for the purpose of providing great clinical case support. As such, there is no conflict of interest, we adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and do our best to ensure we represent all of our partner companies in the very best light.


Customer Service

It is our aim to ensure the same (or superior) support experience as if an actual company representative was present


As a purely Clinical team, we have no vested interest in the company/product decisions made by hospitals or surgeons. All EC staff act in the highest confidentiality and take a completely objective position


No need to hire permanent staff if you have gaps to fill. Whether it’s a regular weekly booking or ad hoc case support that you need, ask us if we have a solution for you.


The patient, surgeon, nursing staff and the companies we represent – we want to ensure that every single stakeholder gets the best possible experience in every case we attend.

Evolution Clinical provides its staff with comprehensive procedural training and works closely with our partner companies to ensure we are experts in the products we are supporting.


Casual Clinical Case Support for Medical Device Companies. You decide your priority procedures, days and regions and we work with you to ensure the needs of your customers are met.


We’re always on the lookout for great people to join our team. If you’re an experienced Medical Devices professional looking for flexible working arrangements, a primary health provider looking for a change, or a theatre nurse looking to “sample” the Medical Devices world whilst retaining your nursing skills, Evolution Clinical could be the perfect place for you.

Email to be part of the team


For more information on our services and pricing, please contact

Casey Duggan,
Director of Evolution Clinical